4 Common Duct Repair Issues and How to Fix Them

Your home or workplace’s cooling or heating temperature and atmosphere depend on the HVAC ductwork. Damaged ducts impact the overall system’s efficiency and don’t offer you the comfort you deserve. Additionally, it may pass dust, dirt, mould spores, chemical fumes, and similar pollutants into the air you breathe. That may pose serious health hazards. Therefore, hiring experts for Duct Repair Melbourne or your city is essential.

The professionals inspect the system and work on it step-by-step. However, before scheduling a service, if you wish to do it yourself, here is what you need to know:
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Typical Air Duct Issues and How to Repair Them

Once you’ve decided you might have a problem, you need to identify the issue and work on it. Unless you don’t know what’s happening inside the system, you won’t be able to fix it.

Drain Leaks

When your ductwork has a hole in it for any reason, air duct leaks occur. The ducts might not have been installed correctly under the original contract, or perhaps a mouse nibbled through the ducting.

No matter what, a leak indicates that air is escaping the ductwork, which means that the air is not traveling to the space you need to cool or heat properly. As a result, one room in the house is always hotter or colder than the others. To find leaks, activate the HVAC blower and reach into the ducting.

Check for draughts that suggest air leaving by feeling it up and down. Here is what you can do for air duct repair:

  • Repair Leaks: Switch off the fan and cover the opening or gap with a specific metallic foil tape. Use only special duct tape; regular duct tape will lose its adhesion over time. Buy the silver foil tape designed especially for repairing ducting.
  • Use Duct Glue: To strengthen the seal, brush duct latex caulk over the adhesive and joints.

HVAC Units That Are Both Large and Small

A larger-than-needed unit has short cycling, which refers to its frequent on-and-off periods. These result in more wear and tear, and your AC won’t be able to circulate enough air. Additionally, it never goes long enough to get rid of the extra moisture in your house.

An inadequate HVAC system must work more to cool your home, which might lead to overheating its parts, particularly the capacitor.

See a professional HVAC duct repair specialist to establish the appropriate size of air conditioning unit for your home if you see these symptoms.

Blockage in Vents

The most common cause of a lack of airflow from your home’s vents is a clog in the vent. You might not be aware that you are obstructing your air vents; a piece of furniture in front may be preventing airflow, or you may have closed some ductwork on a cold day and neglected to reopen them.

When you do this step, the HVAC airflow is impeded, which makes you stuffy and unpleasant in the heat. Thankfully, this problem is simple to resolve; all you need to do is examine every vent in your home, open any that are blocked, and remove any obstacles that are blocking them.

Filthy Coils

To cool your home, your HVAC system circulates air across chilly evaporator coils. But if they are filthy, it can cause a lot of issues. The airflow of an air conditioner is hampered when coils are coated in dirt, which prevents them from dissipating heat. As a result, the unit must work harder to cool your area, which may result in compressor failure.

It is advisable to leave this task to the AC duct repair experts if you have never cleaned coils before. Because coil fins are so delicate, using an abrasive cleaner might seriously harm them.

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