Best Hacks for Duct Cleaning by Your-Self

The pandemic has all rudely woken us to the fact that we are the air we breathe in! This has literally come to take a lot of importance what with people increasingly being affected by pulmonary symptoms and severe health risks. The air around us includes both the external environment and those inside our homes and offices. All contribute to our lung health and of course general health and well-being. Hordes of expensive and high-tech remedies are there that promise to purify the air and restore health. Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers do excellent execution by using updated techniques and specialized tools to clean air ducts inside your home as air ducts indeed control the quality of indoor air.

Millions of pollens, allergens, spider webs, dander, and dust get trapped inside air ducts which can trigger allergic reactions. So cleaning them on a regular basis improves the air inside your rooms and also actually saves you on energy bills! Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts can reach hard-to-reach areas and provide quality cleaning to make your ducts clean and help your HVAC to run at full efficiency.

You too can!

Looking after your home’s air quality is paramount to keeping health issues like bronchial irritation and asthmatic symptoms at bay. Of course, you can opt for Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers to have a trained team come and clean your ducts but you can surely attempt some self-help by trying a few do-it-yourself techniques and save some money in the bargain and get confidence to handle your ducts.

To get down to the task there are a few essentials you would need to get a satisfactory outcome like a real professional. So get that notebook out and jot down the following-

  • Broom
  • Long brush, cleaning brush
  • Heavy duty Vacuum cleaner
  • Screwdriver
  • Paper Towels or Microfiber cloth

Lift the register, then cover with a paper towel over the top of the openings and replace it. Then wipe down dust and grime. While cleaning keeps the fan of the air vents running as this will help get rid of the dust when you are brushing. Remember to turn off the heat/cool mode to allow the fan to run. Run the heat if your machine doesn’t have a fan-only option. After cleaning air ventilation ducts you can install a new thermostat.

For deep cleaning take your brush handles to start tapping on any visible part of the duct you have in your basement. This will break moist dust that may be stuck inside your air ducts. Air vents may also be cleaned by switching off the power connected to the system. For this simply unscrew the covers and grills of an air vent and clean the grates with a long brush. For stubborn dust and grime, you can also use soap and water! Do a thorough vacuum of air vents and ducts. Using the appropriate attachment use your vacuum cleaner to clean out the deep nook and cranny of your air ducts. If your vacuum cleaner is not suitable hire one with a long hose.

But for serious issues like mold and mildew growth inside air ducts, for proper cleaning of air ventilation ducts, you can consider hiring Duct Cleaning Melbourne, service experts.

Remember to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and grime from supply registers. Lift the openings and gather the dirt and debris by sucking them out through a vacuum hose. Reach out to crevices and gaps with a brush to take out gathered dust in the register. Return air registers are fastened with a screw and you need to unscrew them with the screwdriver. Brush and sweep the register properly and remove all grime and dust, including from the register piping. Now using the service switch, turn off the fan and furnace to clean better. Once you have switched off the heating system, you should remove the panels in front of the furnace and reach the blower compartment and the return air boot. Clean off the dust, grime, and pollens using a vacuum cleaner from the blower compartment and return the air boot. This area has the bulk of deposits, so cleaning this is basically cleaning the major blocks.

How many times do you need Duct Cleaning?

Residential Duct Cleaning Melbourne service professionals advise cleaning ducts every two years or so. But you can do it once or twice a year at the start of summer or just before winter. In colder months people stay indoors and during earlier warmer months if they had their kept windows open, the chances of dirt building up in the HVAC system increases. And for summer months also since the heating system would have been on in the colder months preceding it, cleaning the ducts becomes necessary. If there are cats or dogs in the house, their fur often clogs air ducts which again is something you should consider when deciding when to clean.

Hope with the above hacks you would be in a better frame of mind to take a step like a trained professional and clean up your ducts!

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