How Often Should Commercial Ducts Be Cleaned?

Commercial property owners in Melbourne should understand the requirement of maintaining and keeping their HVAC systems and ductwork in check. There may not be a need for very high maintenance but still, as per National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA), regular checkups and cleaning of your commercial HVAC systems, and their ductwork should be done every 3 to 5 years. But, it can be different for everyone. Some commercial space owners may need to have frequent air duct cleaning and some may not need it for several years. There are several factors that indicate whether it is time for you to get your commercial air ducts cleaned by duct cleaning Melbourne experts or not.

4 Warning Signs of Dirty Air Ducts

Listed below are a few factors that will help you determine whether it is time to get your commercial ductwork cleaned or not:

1. Look for noticeable signs of fungus and mould growth around ducts, vents and on the coverings of your HVAC systems. If there is a mould and mildew infestation in your vents and ducts, you must take quick action and reach out to professional Commercial Duct cleaning Melbourne experts as soon as possible.

2. Look for signs of extreme dust buildup. This process can include noticeable dust and dirt output from ducts, vents. If you notice an increased amount of dust settling on your furnishings, and other structures, then your ductwork might be filthy and trapped with dust and debris. If you are experiencing such a problem, it is time for you to get your ductwork cleaned and repaired with the help of duct cleaning Melbourne

3. Are you experiencing a foul odour lingering on your commercial property? The musty stench can be an indicator of mould buildup in your air ducts. Not only this, many a time, small pests like rats or mice get trapped in the ducts and die. The dead animal can also cause your property to smell bad. If there is an awful musty odour in your property you should call a professional duct repair expert in Melbourne and have your ducts checked and cleaned. Professionals have access to the advanced tools and techniques using which they can thoroughly clean your ducts and eliminate any nasty smell from your premises making sure your commercial space smells fresh and pleasant.

4. Are your employees and other people complaining of pulmonary problems? People who have suppressed immune systems or sinus problems may experience frequent coughing and sneezing and even difficulty breathing as soon as they enter the workplace. If you are getting frequent complaints from people regarding allergic problems then you must take immediate action and reach out to duct repair Melbourne experts as soon as possible.

Over time, a lot of dirt, dust and other debris gets trapped in your air ducts. It causes your HVAC systems to not be able to function smoothly and also pollute the indoor air. That is why it is extremely important for you to get your ductwork cleaned promptly to maintain the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and also to keep health issues at bay.

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