How Often Should Commercial HVAC Ducts Be Cleaned

You’re still worried about the bottom line as a company owner, and there are lots of points on that weekly revenue and expenses where you feel you can improve and save money. You also recognise that routine facility maintenance will still be a vital part of your budget, but you may not have considered the advantages of regular air duct cleaning for your commercial enterprise. If you have, you may be curious how much you can disinfect air ducts in commercial buildings. If all of these apply to you, continue reading because we have some suggestions for you when you weigh the costs and benefits of hiring a commercial air duct cleaning service.

A general rule of thumb

If you’ve never had your industrial air ducts cleaned, the answer to the question above is most likely “now”! When the HVAC devices pump and recirculate the air in the facilities, the air becomes polluted with particles like dust, dirt, bacteria, dander, and various other substances that may accumulate over time. Indoor air is much more polluted than outdoor air, according to the EPA, due to the enclosed atmosphere, where contaminants can quickly be collected and accumulate into poisonous quantities over time. It means that polluted particles are accumulating in your air ducts over time, resulting in a reduction in air quality in your indoor working spaces. So, if you’ve never had your industrial air ducts cleaned, now is the right time to do so to ensure the healthiest environment for you, your staff, and your clients.

Perform an annual evaluation 

If you’ve had an air duct treatment in the past, but it’s been a while, take the time to determine the present state of your ductwork and ventilation systems. If you’re in a big company environment, this can be as easy as consulting the repair crews for a screenshot. Alternatively, if you own a small company, you should potentially buy a ladder and other equipment to inspect the registers and HVAC system for signs of contaminated ductwork. With just a screwdriver, you’ll be able to open certain main areas, such as the air return. You don’t have to become a professional to make this simple assessment: if you see black or dark debris on certain surfaces outside or within your vents or logs, it’s time to plan your next air duct cleaning.

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