How Effective is Air Duct Cleaning?

Every homeowner like you would like to be comfortable in your home with an HVAC system that has high performance and gives low energy bills. That is what the ideal situation should be. And of course, wouldn’t you prefer the air quality indoors always to be good for you and your family members? This would require periodic clean up of your air ducts because they are responsible for circulating hot or cool air inside your home. You would also often see visuals of ugly heavy dusty ducts asking for frequent cleaning. While ducts do need to be cleaned but so does the whole HVAC unit for peak performance and removing contaminants that clogged its components. While calling Duct Cleaning Melbourne service providers is needed but you should know when and how frequently you should call them.

Duct cleaning seems easy but if done improperly can be very risky and putting your ducts in the services of the wrong contractors can do more damage than any improvement. But if you make the right selection of Duct Cleaning Toorak service specialists, duct cleaning including HVAC system cleaning can reap good benefits since their qualified technicians ensure a thorough checking and clean up using the right equipment and technique.

A few duct facts you should know to understand how effective duct cleaning is.

Facts about Ducts

An estimated 40 pounds of dust is created by your home yearly and this goes into your air ducts and back again into your rooms with either cool air or warm air depending on the season you are in.

It is recommended to clean and maintain air ducts not to remove this dust accumulated but also other contaminants like chemicals, pet dander, pollen, airborne fungal spores, powdery mildew, and mold, which are also circulated along with the dust. And the ducts over time create an inner lining of toxins, dust, and debris that circulate and re-circulate throughout your home, causing the HVAC to stress itself more to deliver adequate heating or cooling in your home interiors.

What to Know Before calling Professional Duct Cleaning Services?

Contaminants inside your ducts mean a good clean-up job. So when you opt for one, remember the cleaning has to be thorough and prevent allergens, pathogens, dust, and debris from spreading throughout the duct system again. A good Duct Cleaning Melbourne service provider there will be inspection and cleaning done on air ducts, supply, intake and return vents, air registers, heat exchangers, diffusers, grilles, heating, and cooling coils, drain and drip pans, motor fans, housing fans, HVAC unit housing.


If you cannot now decide when to go for duct cleaning, well it’s good to hire Duct Cleaning Toorak, service specialists,

  • In case you have moved to a new home in the area or replaced your HVAC system.
  • If you happen to see family members react to allergies or asthma symptoms and respiratory issues, cleaning the air ducts can be such a relief.
  • If you had your curtains, rugs, or upholstery professionally cleaned, having your ducts cleaned would be a great idea to purify indoor air.

Benefits of Duct Cleaning

Cleaning ducts obviously has an advantage and homeowners have been progressively seeking services for cleaning to prolong duct and HVAC system life.

Reduction in dirt and debris levels: It’s part of the natural process for dirt, debris, and contaminants to flow through your system and settle in ducts and other components. So air circulated is dusty and dirty increasing your work as dust keeps settling and the dusty components attract pest infestation further complicating things with nests being built inside. So cleaning solves this entire problem.

Professional cleanup also reduces mold, germs, mildew, and bacteria as with time they would have grown inside ducts with humidity rise. Regular cleaning ensures that air ducts remain clean, dry and saves you costly repair or replacement.

Reduce allergic symptoms: Your ducts are storehouses of dander, hair, dust, pollen, and many other toxic air contaminants that give rise to sneezing, rashes, coughs, and breathing problems that might take a severe turn and might need a doctor’s attention adding to your costs. Cleaning the ducts ensures that the air is clean and you do not get exposed to all these health risks that might affect your routine duties.

Extend the life of the HVAC unit and save on energy bills: This is the biggest benefit as we buy HVAC systems do give us the best performance and we seek low energy bills. Choked ducts cause the HVAC system to stress itself to give out cool or hot air. This might cause it to collapse, increase your electric bill or you might have to replace components out of wear and tear incurring expenses you did not see earlier. Cleans ducts would not give any such problem and in fact extends the life of your HVAC units, keeping bills at a steady rate.

Quality air restored: Who doesn’t want to stay in a home with clean breathable air? By cleaning your air ducts, you ensure clean unpolluted air gets circulated which creates a healthy environment for you, your children, pets, and friends and also keeps pests away since most pests are attracted to filth and dirt. Above all, you work better and live better in a peaceful and cleaner home.

So for any duct problem, you encounter in the future, remember all these points and reach a good Duct Cleaning Melbourne service provider and make your life easier and more comfortable!


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