How Often Should You Get Your Ducts Cleaned?

Your HVAC system keeps you in comfort throughout the year. Its air ducts ensure that you enjoy the best out of your HVAC unit’s cooler and heater and carry a lot of air across all the rooms of your house. Daily, however, the air ducts get exposed to all sorts of air contaminants and suspended matter including dust, debris, mites, fur, dander, spores, pollen, mold, and microscopic pathogens. We seldom think about how the air ducts get dirty and hire duct cleaning Melbourne service specialists. We give it a last thought when something drastic happens. But do you know what is the best time or at what frequency should you clean the air ducts by reaching out to ducted heating cleaning Melbourne experts?

When to Call In the Pros For A Ductwork Cleaning?

Many of you would think of the extra botheration of calling outside help and the extra cost of having air ducts cleaned. There is no need to clean air ducts very often. However, knowing when to go in for a cleaning when needed is the best practice to follow. There are a few instances when you see that air duct cleaning becomes a necessity like the appearance of mold and mildew, infestation from rodents and other critters, and when allergic reactions seem to be on the rise.

Many experts claim that air ducts may be cleaned only if it needs to but others advise going in for a periodic or yearly inspection by professional duct cleaning Melbourne specialists. This is a safe way to check up on not just the condition of air ducts but other HVAC system components. Inspection by DIY methods employed by homeowners like you is inadequate as it escapes the deeper inaccessible hidden parts of the extensive ductwork. This can be done by ducted heating cleaning Melbourne specialists who have the required equipment to see and gauge what is the state inside to perfection.

Cleaning Air Ducts

Sometimes you might notice some dust in return ducts. This is so because they cause the air to be pulled back into the system, so it gets dirtier than most. However, this dust may be removed by you with a good vacuum cleaner with the necessary attachments. The signs that signify you should go in for cleaning your air ducts are-

  1. You see prominent growth of mold
  2. Excessive dust accumulation inside your air ducts
  3. Signs or sounds of rats or other critters
  4. You are getting allergies, breathing discomforts, and other issues
  5. Strange smells or noise when you switch on HVAC system
  6. Uneven air cooling or heating across the rooms
  7. When you have to dust all the time
  8. Sign of critters and beetles around vents
  9. Lint growth around vent openings

Reasons That May Necessitate Going for Duct Cleaning

Apart from the obvious systems of air ducts being clogged, it would be prudent to yourself know that there are situations that might pollute or clog your ducts. These would call for prompt air duct cleaning. This includes-

  1. Having pets in the house increases pet hair and dander contaminating the air
  2. If you or your family member is into smoking
  3. Damage seen in the air ducts due to wear or tear or through pest bites
  4. Recent remodeling or renovation at home
  5. If your home is close to construction or an industrial site
  6. If you had weather conditions like storms where dust would have blown
  7. Water contamination in your air ducts
  8. Humid weather has the potential to increase moisture inside your ductwork

As mentioned above, going in for cleaning your ductwork removes dirt, debris, mold, and other pathogens. Clogged air ducts become a source of ill health as they circulate contaminated air repeatedly in your indoor environment bringing substantial health risks to you and all at home. Pollen and fungal spores reach your indoor air and put you through a hay fever-like situation. Also, accidental water contamination in your air ducts can leave them damp which might fuel mold and mildew. Those homes where there has been constant unsettling of dust and debris owing to renovation projects also should get a post-project duct cleaning done.

Points to Remember

While you are pondering cleaning your air ducts, if you happen to opt for DIY cleaning, it is good to know that this method allows the cleaning of end portions only. The extensions of the vacuum can reach up to a maximum of four feet of the ducts but not all the way in. You can also remove some amount of debris from ductwork towards the open vents.

Cleaning the entire length of ductwork is possible only through ducted heating cleaning Melbourne professionals as they have proper inspection tools and equipment to go deep in and clear out entire pollutants along with sanitization. They have specialized commercial machines that agitate the debris and extract it.

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