Professional Duct Repairs in Melbourne

      Ducted heating and cooling repair, Ducted pipe replacement and repair, HVAC services for your duct system

      Your duct system decides the warmth of your house making it cool or hot accordingly. Suppose, you have got a leakage in the ducted system and it can’t make your place completely cool or hot, it will make your place uncomfortable. Leaky ducts can bring more problems than you think. Fortunately, Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne can save you from uneven temperature issues and discomfort.

      ● Years of experience in the field
      ● Certified and licenced technicians
      ● Work for both commercial and residential structures
      ● Highly effective solutions at a reasonable price
      ● Complete client satisfaction
      ● One solution for all your duct problems

      Ducted Heating Repairs in Melbourne

      Has your ducted heating system stopped working or having a leakage? If yes, then you must not wait for further damages. Fire or smoke damage can ruin your entire system and may have hazardous after effects. At Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne we don’t only clean the duct system but also restore the damages. The benefit of having both cleaning and restoring services helps you to get rid of smoke or fire’s unbearable smell and other substances. To get effective and quick damage repair to your ducted heating system, call us and avail of our finest services of duct repairs in Melbourne.

      Why should you look for ducted heating repairs?

      If you are wondering why you need to repair duct heating systems then we have given you some proper points of symptoms for ducted heating repairing. Have a look at it and if you have found any of the signs, call Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne immediately.

      1. If you notice deteriorated air quality.
      2. If there is any animal intrusion detected.
      3. If you haven’t repaired the duct system for a long period.
      4. If dust particles get outside of the duct system.
      5. Increasing electricity bill without more usages of electricity
      6. If there is bacterial or mould growth in the duct system.

      We offer same-day services too, book us now and enjoy hassle-free duct repairs in Melbourne.

      We at Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne offer several services:

      1. Repairing and servicing – Whenever your duct system of heating or cooling stops working, call us. We can repair the system and offer service even within the same day.

      2. Installation of the system – Our experienced professionals know how to install duct systems effectively. Perfect installation of the system may help you to have good air quality.

      3. Carbon Monoxide Tests – To check the duct system and its loopholes, we provide carbon monoxide tests. Our technicians are certified to conduct this test.

      4. Servicing of the system – A regular servicing of the duct system may save you from any uninvited issues. We at Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne offer same-day servicing at reasonable and budget-friendly rates.

      5. Fixing of the cooling and heating Duct – Sometimes only some of the parts are damaged or leaked. It is very tricky to fix only those parts. However, our professionals are highly-skilled for this task.

      Indications of duct repairs

      1. High increase in electricity bill – When your duct system is not working properly, it tends to use more electrical energy and hence it results in increasing electricity bill. To save money and electricity, get your ducts repaired at once.

      2. Noise from HVAC – If you are experiencing annoying loud noise from your HVAC system then something must require repair and inspection.

      3. Uneven temperature – When one of the rooms of your house or office cabin has an odd temperature than the other rooms then it is a sign that your duct system is not working properly.

      4. Dusty surroundings – Even after maintaining the cleanliness if you spot dust everywhere in your house or office then it must be coming from the leakages of the duct system. These dust particles then lead to many issues.

      5. Smell of mould – Dump duct systems can grow mould and mildews. Even due to uneven flow of air temperature can cause mould in HVAC systems. In this case, call our professionals to do both mould removal and HVAC repairing.

      6. Pest issues – Dead pests or pest’s nests can create blockages in systems. Once you call the services, we can clean the pests and repair the system.

      Duct Restoration after flood damage

      A flood can ruin your duct system by causing leaks and other damages. Along with the carpets and your furniture, the duct system responsible for your air quality gets spoiled by floods. However, you do not need to replace the old system with a new one by spending a fortune. Even in some miserable situations like this, all you have to do is, call our services and talk to the specialist. Our team will reach your place in some time and inspect the damage.

      Process of duct repairs in Melbourne

      ● To ensure complete repair of your duct system, we have a specialised team with high experience. We use modern equipment and technologies to repair all parts of the duct system. We offer services at affordable prices. Here is a procedure we follow to repair ducts:

      ● To know the exact fault, our team inspect and evaluate the entire duct system. This helps us to decide the finest solution to the problem.

      ● Our technicians find out all the holes, leaks and malfunctioning parts and pipes to restore it by using advanced techniques.

      ● Once we find out the damage, we seal the leakages, cracks and holes. We also replace the broken parts if required.

      Why choose Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne?

      There are many reasons why you must choose Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne over any other company. If you are suffering from any issues related to cooling, heating, air quality or unsettled ducts then you can immediately get connected with our team. We are committed to offering complete duct repairs in Melbourne. We have a specialized team of professionals that offer 100% results and client satisfaction.

      ● Clear quotations and no hidden cost
      ● Emergency and same-day services
      ● Professional services guaranteed
      ● Highly skilled and experienced technicians
      ● A popular company in the industry

      The total cost of duct repair services

      The cost involved in duct repairing depends on damage type, methods used for repairing, duct type and other similar factors. However, we at Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne offer budget-friendly services ranging from $350 to $ 700. Though, it can’t be a fixed price. To get the fixed cost, call our services today and get a free quotation over the call. Also, we don’t have any hidden cost involved. So, you will get a clear idea once you ask for a quotation.

      Same-day services for duct repairs in Melbourne

      We understand the urgency and requirements of our clients. That’s why we provide same-day duct repair services all over Melbourne. We have an experienced team that can reach your place within 2 to 3 hours once you booked the services. The dedicated team then inspected the system and repaired it within the same day. Hurry up, call us right away and get your duct system fixed by today itself.
      Advantages of repairing the ducted heating system

      ● Increases the overall mechanism – As you hire professionals for cleaning and repairing the duct system, it eliminates the blockages, holes and gaps and it results in a better mechanism and overall enhanced experience. You will get the desired temperature and will not have any issue regarding the same.

      ● Smooth functioning – Once your duct system is repaired, you will experience uniformity in its functioning. The system will work properly and smoothly.

      ● Elimination of future repairs and risks – By repairing the system on time you reduce further damages, risks and repairs. A regular clean up and check-up of your duct system may save you from further expenses.

      ● The decrease in electricity bills – A damaged or faulty duct system gives rise to heavy electricity bills. These expenses will be reduced if you fix the broken ducts on time.

      ● Better indoor air quality – Cleaning and repairing the duct system results in a better quality of indoor air. This keeps your home or office the same and makes it a healthier environment.

      Our Services of Duct Repairs in all over Melbourne

      Melbourne is a huge coastal capital and the most famous city in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria. Melbourne covers around 9,993 km. We are proud to say that the technicians at Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne can provide duct repair services all over Melbourne. We also cover all the suburbs including Point Cook, Springvale, Werribee, Narre Warren, Ringwood, Southbank, Cranbourne, Carrum Downs, Ferntree Gully, Hastings and St Kilda.

      Finest professional services of Duct Repairs in Melbourne

      ● Emergency and same-day services available
      ● Safety measures for kids and your fur-friends.
      ● 24/7 customer support and services available
      ● Certified and highly-skilled technicians
      ● An experienced a renowned name in the industry
      ● Free quotation over the phone call
      ● Customer satisfaction guaranteed
      ● Reliable and responsible local professionals
      ● Professional yet friendly approach
      ● Reasonable and budget-friendly prices
      ● Service available all around Melbourne
      ● We provide services for both commercial and residential areas.


      1. Should I do a regular check-up and maintenance of the duct system?

      Yes. A regular check-up and maintenance will save your duct system from any major issues. You will be able to spot the errors and can fix them with minimum cost.

      2. Can I book services for duct repair on weekends?

      Yes, we at Smart Duct Cleaning Melbourne work for all days including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. You can book our services for any day you prefer.

      3. Can a faulty duct system degrade the indoor quality of air?

      Yes. a faulty or uncleaned duct system can harm the quality of your indoor air. It is better to call the professionals and get it fixed.

      4. What should I do before the arrival of technicians for duct repair or cleaning?

      You do not need to do anything before the technicians come. Once they reach your place they will guide you about the entire procedure.

      5. Why is the air filter important in the duct?

      The air filter decides the temperature and provides cool or warm air. So, if these filters are dirty, it may lead to uneven temperature and airflow.

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