When is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

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Your home seems perfectly peaceful, beautiful and all put together. Yet each time you turn the heating ventilation on or air conditioning a small puff of dust seems to float all over you and the furniture. Spotted dust or pet fur caught in your vent? Do the return air registers have extremely dusty grills?

Know then that you have been sitting pretty and not tending to your air ducts. There lies the answer and you need to take action. Periodic hiring of Duct Cleaning Melbourne service specialists can remove the problem soon and restore clean free-flowing air to your cooling and heating systems. They ensure thorough cleaning and remove dust from the choked ducts.

Over time with continuous running your HVAC system’s inside collects very fine dust on its air duct surfaces, motors, vents, and coils. Ash from cigarettes and flakes of dead skin, hair, pet dander, and pollen cling to the dust and soon they get all cozy and you actually end up with a thick area where bacteria, dust mites, mold, and thousands of allergens thrive.

Of course, the air filters do their bit in removing this from the air stream but it only does so for some parts of the HVAC units. So periodically checking the status of air ducts is important to know whether you need to call in Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts.

Tips to Help you Detect that those Ducts have gone Dirty?


  • Look inside after opening any one of your vent covers. Check for any debris, matted dust, or dirt
  • Look closely for any sort of dust buildup in the return air registers. Notice if they are thick fuzzy dust coatings
  • Take out the air filters and if they are choked with dust then airflow would be obstructed. This makes more dust settle and accumulate in the return duct
  • Check the blower fan and motor after opening the furnace section for any signs of dust. If there is any dust, your problems will be more
  • Remove a panel and look at the air conditioning coil. Again if the coil is dusty or any dust clinging on the housing walls, it indicates the air filters were not working to full capacity

Once you get signs from any of the conditions mentioned it means that the HVAC unit and ductwork are being overpowered by dust and aren’t exactly functioning well and it’s time to consider getting help from Duct Cleaning Melbourne service professionals. After all, problems are that till you find a solution!

Now let’s look at the downsides!

What happens when you have Dirty Ducts?


So you have some dust and a bit of dirt in your ducts. So is it that bad? Yes especially because it puts stress on your system, increases electric bills, and gives you health symptoms you did not invite. Looking closely at the risks-

Your HVAC unit’s cooling and heating get restricted by dirt and dust. In the hot months, the dirt-infused condensing coil is not able to cool sufficiently well, and then in winter, the dirt-clogged heat exchangers fail to give enough warm air giving you discomfort. So the HVAC has to run more, making it use more fuel and energy in order to cool or heat your home interiors.

This means that if your HVAC unit has to operate for a longer time, there would be very obvious wear and tear in the bargain which would cut short the overall lifespan of AC compressors, hydro pumps, motor bearings, burners, and overall HVAC system. So what you thought would last you for a long time, you realize is not so and then have to consider a new one!

And the dust is just not dry dust. It contains dead skin, fine dirt, pet dander, germs, and pathogens from animal droppings, pollen, spores, and fungi. If you do not clean the ducts they would go on contaminating your HVAC unit becoming a haven and breeding ground for mites, bacteria, and other pests.

When you have dirty ducts, dirt and dust spread rapidly around your home in spite of repeated and regular cleaning. Innumerable fine particulate matter, allergens, and other fine contaminants flow between your rooms. This contaminates all furniture, toys, articles of daily use, switches, appliances, linen, etc. This would give rise to sudden sneezing, coughing, asthma, or pulmonary issues. It can also give rise to allergies and rashes to a few sensitive skins and incite flu-like conditions. Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne service experts can soon revive a healthier environment and improve quality by using special techniques and solutions to clean out your ducts and other components.

So What are the Pluses of Air Duct Cleanup?


Views on duct cleaning are aplenty but one has to remember not all homes are the same nor are the situations. Now if you have kids and furry pets around, the chances of ducts getting fuzzy and dirty are more. So cleaning the ducts should be a more frequent affair of saying at least once a year. For others once in two or three years are recommended by service professionals. But a clean duct means-

  • Increased efficiency of HVAC units
  • Better energy conservation and fewer bills for you
  • Less wear and tear, repairs, and longer life of HVAC system
  • Fewer risks to health like asthma, allergies, or rashes
  • Better indoor air quality


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